With the slogan "you press the button, we do the rest," George Eastman put the first simple camera into the hands of a world of consumers in 1888. In so doing, he made a cumbersome and complicated process easy to use and accessible to nearly everyone.

Just as Eastman had a goal to make photography "as convenient as the pencil," Kodak continues to expand the ways images touch people's daily lives. Read on to Learn More.

Laying the Foundation

Kodak's founder, George Eastman, devoted his life to making photography “as convenient as the pencil.” His company has been at the center of most milestones in photography and digital imaging ever since.


In 1880, George Eastman, a young hobbyist photographer and school dropout, became one of the first to successfully manufacture dry plates commercially in the United States. One year later Eastman and Henry Strong formed a partnership called the Eastman Dry Plate Company.


The Kodak name is recognized around the world for its long heritage of delivering imaging innovations. The company is now writing its next chapter as a technology company focused on imaging.

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