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Award-winning Kodak Photo Printer

Congratulation​ !

KODAK photo printer received "Jang Young Sil Award" by Korea Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

Jang Young Sil was a Korean scientist during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). Jang's inventions, suan as the Cheugugi (the rain gauge) and the water guage, highlight the technological advancements of the Joseon Dynasty.

Jang Young Sil Award was established in 1991 to honor and encourage engineers who accomplished a prominent job in technologically innovative activities of private companies, result of which was successfully commercialized into a new product.

The award given in the name of the Minister is so widely recognized to be one of the highest for innovation in Korea that even the general public can approve the value of the award.

An applied product or process has to pass two stages of assessment to be an awardee. The criteria of the selection are technological importance, originality, economic value and technical spill-over effect. All of the evaluators are experts invited from academia and research organizations.

Award ceremony was held in Seoul. As a awardee, engineers of Kodak photo printer participated in the ceremony. Here we would like to share few moment from the event.

Mr. Choi Yang Hee, Minister of Science and Technology, had a short session to learn more about Kodak photo printers guided by Mr. K.H. Noh, CEO of Prinics.

We will try our best to deliver most valuable experiences of Photo Printing with our customers continuously in coming new years!

Thank you.

KODAK Photo Printer Team

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