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KODAK Photo Printer Mini



PMS-20 (Sticker)

Easy  Cartridge maintenance

US, EU, Japan, Korea and China patents registered.

Only takes one ink cartridge to print

full color photo prints.

Each cartridge prints 10 mini photos.

Easy removal -

simply pull the cartridge out with two fingers.
Then insert a new cartridge and resume printing.

KODAK Photo Printer Mini Cartridge

No Cleaning

Printer ink cartridge and nozzle cleaning is not required. 

Your printer is always fine-tuned for your next smart phone photos. Get clean and neat photos every time.

The same consistent quality

with all photos from the Kodak photo printer Mini.


D2T2 Printing Technology 

(D2T2: Dye Diffusion Transfer Technology)

3 colors (Yellow, Magenta and Cyan color) are diffused to the photo paper consecutively.

The 4th layer is an overcoating layer that preserves the image quality. Through this laminating process,

users do not need to dry photos after printing.

Color does not fade and lasts more than 10 years

under normal storage conditions. 

Print your memory

and keep it forever!


Overcoating Layer

KODAK photo printer cartridges have an Overcoating layer within the printing process. This laminating process prevents any damage to the image quality. Photo is finger print and humidity resistant. 

Natural Skin Tone

Good to print  Portrait photos

D2T2 technology is good for portrait photos compared to any other photo printing technologies. KODAK photo printers are designed to reproduce delicate textures of the human face.

Your special photo book

with Sticker cartridge

Decorate your personal belongings such as book, cell phone and bags. Personalize your precious things.

Keep the photo quality and  

use the photos for various purposes.

Economical Consumable Purchase!




20, 30, 50 Mini photos as a Set

Have the consumables as you wish.

Make your choice now! 

Sticker photos as a Set


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