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KODAK Mini 2 has been selected for the best 6 portable photo printer among many photo printer device

It uses the 4PASS D2T2 dye transfer method to print. Here, a photo undergoes four passes, and quite obviously, it usually takes more time than a single pass printing tech. But thankfully, the Mini 2 HD is not excessively slow and takes about 50 seconds for a single image.

Coming to the photo quality, it's decent enough for the price. The images are colorful. However, don't expect it to match to that of laser printers. On the bright side, the quality is better than ZINK photo papers, and the same point has been put forward by several users on Amazon. As one of the users points out, "The quality of the pictures come out really nice."

However, the Mini 2 HD has a couple of limitations. For instance, the built-in 620 mAh battery takes about 1.5 hours to charge, which is a lot of time, considering that you will mainly take it out for outdoor events.

Plus, it can print only about 20 photos before it needs a recharge. Plus, Kodak's ink cartridges come in either 20, 30, or 50 sheet options, and a pack of 20 costs about $14.99.

KODAK Mini 2 includes both NFC and Bluetooth so you can easily connect the device with your android phones or iphones via KODAK apps. The app can be downloaded through google market or app store. It uses the 4PASS D2T2 dye transfer method to print. It means that to print a photo using device, 4 steps must be processed. Printing one single image usually takes about 50 seconds. Considering the photo quality, it is not bad. Actually its photo quality is better than the competitive model ‘ZINK photo paper’


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